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Our portfolio

Our portfolio

Our portfolio


Paving the way for economic transformation

Botswana has long been recognised as a success story in resource management. At the subnational level, however, the industry has often failed to meet expectations. Both Government and resource developers are now considering strategies to foster alternative economic opportunities.

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Our portfolio


A roadmap for private-sector development

The Namibian economy is enduring a period of stagnation. Ergo was engaged to assess domestic circumstances and prioritise new potential sources of growth. Building on comprehensive analysis, the study outlined specific commercial opportunities to catalyse private investment.

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Powering the generation and dissemination of knowledge and ideas. We talk with global experts and practitioners, and we share cutting-edge insights through our multimedia portal.

As with our consulting practice, we follow a thorough methodological process to deliver clear and forceful perspectives. Highgrade and Ergo make up two sides of the same coin: a think-tank and a do-tank.

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