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Our portfolio

Our portfolio

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Connecting tourism supply and demand

In spite of its remarkable natural assets and the importance of its historic-heritage sites, tourism in the region remains small and fragmented. The study conceived a whole new tourism vision capable of delivering regional integration and a marketable identity to attract visitors and investors.

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Our portfolio

Moquegua, Peru

Pioneering sustainable algae
production in Peru

Key economic players in Moquegua have identified economic diversification as a strategic mid-term priority. A comprehensive regional diagnosis found competitive advantage in a handful of industries beside mining, including high potential in the cultivation and processing of seaweed.

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Our portfolio

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As with our consulting practice, we follow a thorough methodological process to deliver clear and forceful perspectives. Highgrade and Ergo make up two sides of the same coin: a think-tank and a do-tank.

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