Our approach

The Ergo way

An unwavering commitment to analytical rigour,
innovation, and absolute clarity in communications.

Management consulting meets economic development and natural resources

We design and deliver tailored solutions to a wide range of analytical and operational dilemmas.

Ergo combines leading subject-matter expertise with the systems and evidence-based approach that define management consulting. Our products are cogent, implementable, and effective.

Translating analysis into
clear, actionable advice

From data to knowledge, we convert complex on-the-ground challenges into powerful workplans that add measurable value.

We lead through the project lifecycle, from ideation to execution, and from project design through to operations and decommissioning. We pride ourselves for delivering on-scope, on-time, and on-budget.

We don’t lose sight
of the big picture

Ergo operates across both the strategic and tactical realms, actively balancing short-and long-term objectives.

We understand intimately the complexities that people and organisations confront across the natural resource universe, whether in mining, energy, agriculture, aquaculture, or tourism.

Clarity of thought and communications

We conceive and convey compelling ideas. In every assignment we undertake, Ergo blends analytical rigour with communication prowess, bringing clarity of message to the fore.

Whether for external consultations or an internal strategy paper, we take the transmission of concepts and narratives to the next level.

Our portfolio


Paving the way for economic transformation

Botswana has long been recognised as a success story in resource management. At the subnational level, however, the industry has often failed to meet expectations. Both Government and resource developers are now considering strategies to foster alternative economic opportunities.

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A roadmap for private-sector development

The Namibian economy is enduring a period of stagnation. Ergo was engaged to assess domestic circumstances and prioritise new potential sources of growth. Building on comprehensive analysis, the study outlined specific commercial opportunities to catalyse private investment.

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