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We work with clients across the full breadth of the natural resources sectors – and beyond.

Our key sectors


From farm to market

Through its main subsectors – crops, cattle, fish, or trees - agriculture remains a vital contributor to livelihoods around the world. We support across the value chain, identifying commercial opportunities, strengthening productivity, and increasing domestic processing.

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Powering the world

The energy sector is reinventing itself to meet the demands of a low-carbon economy, shaking the pillars of established industry systems, and bringing with it new possibilities – and threats. We work with producers and consumers to help them seize the moment.

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Green economy

Sustainable opportunity

Evolving societal norms are increasingly challenging traditional production and consumption patterns, shifting the spotlight onto biodiversity, water efficiency, energy intensity, and the circular economy, bringing about new technologies and commercial opportunities.

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New industrial revolution

Primary economies have historically sought industrialisation to extract more value from their raw materials. Industry 4.0 unveils the next development frontier, fuelled by enhanced connectivity, AI, and automation. The unfolding revolution will create both winners and losers.

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Digging deeper for development

Modern mining has the potential to deliver economic benefits way beyond the mine site. We work with clients to maximise benefits through skills development, local adoption of technologies, and linkages with the wider economy to boost economic diversification.

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Knowing your destination

Sustainable tourism development calls for active collaboration between public sector and private investors, opening opportunities for multiple economic activities. We design and execute thorough tourism strategies with comprehensive implementation roadmaps.

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