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Multiple practice areas characterised by a common approach: evidence-based, impact-focused, and forward-facing.

Corporate strategy

Define, design, deploy

Corporate strategy drives competitive advantage. Strategy development happens throughout a business and applies to different corporate domains. Some respond to shareholder requisites (for example, the need to articulate strong narratives explaining investment decisions) while others may answer to external considerations, such as heightened stakeholder pressure for impact (for example, the need to reflect increasing ESG commitment in business practice).

Corporate strategy has a multitude of practical applications – from external position papers to internal business cases; from definition of broad corporate principles to project-specific implementation roadmaps. Common requirements for delivering compelling corporate strategy include deep industry knowledge, strategic vision, and clarity of communications.

Combining industry knowledge, strategic vision, and clarity of communications.

Ergo delivers cutting edge corporate strategy worldwide, across multiple industries where we have specialist expertise. We work closely with senior executives and project sponsors to articulate the business case for specific investments and to write up investor strategy papers. We develop corporate frameworks and set up standards and guidelines. We plan strategy rollout across business units.

In practice, the work involves digesting corporate-specific considerations, structuring strategic discussions to consider options and implications, completing background analysis, strategy formulation, write up and production. Both at the executive and project level, we thrive on implementational simplicity, translating strategy into clear direction ready for implementation.

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