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Due diligence

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Due diligence is a comprehensive assessment of material risks and liabilities in relation to a target asset. While it is often assumed that the aim is to unveil hidden problems, good due diligence should equally seek to identify best practice, formulate risk mitigations, and to unlock opportunities. ESG due diligence, in particular, concerns the appraisal of environmental, socioeconomic and governance considerations.

A due diligence is a process of acquiring objective and reliable information to enable informed management decisions. The purpose of due diligences varies. They can be instructed to obtain background information for transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, assess compliance against pre-defined standards, or simply underpin continuous performance improvement.

Objective and reliable information to enable informed management decisions.

Ergo’s approach builds on our deep understanding of the natural resource industries and on our strong analytical capabilities. We develop a custom taxonomy of risk and opportunity areas to address specific concerns. We have carried out due diligence on social, economic, environmental, labour, regulatory and institutional considerations.

Our clients range from private companies to governments and donor organisations. We have completed due diligence on-site and also remotely (when confidentiality has been a necessary requirement). We do not sit on the fence – our conclusions are clear and comprehensive; our recommendations concrete and implementable.

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