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Multiple practice areas characterised by a common approach: evidence-based, impact-focused, and forward-facing.

Impact assessment

What gets measured gets managed

The world has grown ever more concerned with the potential consequences of large investments, with ESG considerations increasingly coming to the fore. The footprint from natural resources is unlike other industries – encompassing numerous thematic disciplines and geographical dimensions.

Impact assessments can be voluntary initiatives or regulatory requirements. They allow project owners to measure, evaluate, and monitor impacts. Their insights can point to the need for technical or strategic interventions. Done intelligently, they can also support mature discussions, with both foes and advocates, concerning the trade-offs implicit in any significant development.

Assess or guess –
the choice is yours.

Ergo produces custom impact assessments for companies and countries at local, national, and global levels. We combine industry knowledge with rigorous impact methodology, putting the spotlight onto the interface between a project and its host economy, considering the implications for both people and investments.

We source and analyse data; we define a relevant impact taxonomy across social, economic, and environmental issues; we look at direct, indirect, and induced effects; and we translate information into insights. These effects are not static. We also develop internal systems and processes to track attributable contributions by projects and to model wider impacts, which can be reported through bespoke dashboards and other management tools.

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