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Multiple practice areas characterised by a common approach: evidence-based, impact-focused, and forward-facing.

Project feasibility

Only the strongest projects succeed

Project formulation undergoes increasing levels of study and scrutiny, starting as a concept and progressing through stage-gates all the way to investable feasibility, adding increasing validation and analytical detail. This process should apply equally to commercial initiatives and large social investments in all economic sectors.

Analytical complexity evolves across key project aspects. Our feasibility studies include technical specifications, design of management structures, commercial and financial plans, a firm understanding of markets and regulations, a detailed examination of the stakeholder environment, social and environmental implications, and a thorough register of project risks and mitigations.

Moving from project ideation to detailed design, ready for execution.

We work with clients throughout the project life, from concept to implementation. In particular, Ergo delivers detailed feasibility studies, and we have specialist knowhow across a wide range of economic sectors – including agriculture, aquaculture, trade, tourism, renewable energies, and the extractive industries, to name a few. We produce business models for investable initiatives, ready for execution.

The scope of our studies varies. In some cases, the focus is squarely on profits. In others, social or environmental value needs to be brought to the fore, balancing commercial returns with impact (for example, we have extensive experience working with impact investors and donor organisations). Our work includes supporting clients as they lock in partners and financiers, including roadshows and targeted project presentations.

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