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Multiple practice areas characterised by a common approach: evidence-based, impact-focused, and forward-facing.

Regional development

Unlocking economic diversification

Individual investments can have a profound effect on the fate of regions – but the prosperity of subnational economies is subject to an infinitude of other variables including, among others, physical and biophysical characteristics, human resources, capital stock, proximity to markets, historical patterns, and of course, macroeconomic conditions.

Regional planning can offer an aspirational vision for the territory and an implementable roadmap to achieve it. It often relies on spatial and sectoral analyses to identify fundamental features of the area and to diagnose its limitations and opportunities. Good planning marries conceptual thinking with local circumstances, and it therefore integrates the views and expectations of key stakeholders.

Crafting a tapestry
of diverse opportunities.

Ergo conducts specialist regional planning that reflects both development and investment considerations. Our approach combines sector-specific value chain and geospatial analyses to identify main sources of competitive advantage. Our work uncovers productive opportunities, defines potential investments, growth poles or corridors, outlines specific business models, and produces regional blueprints with custom implementation plans.

Assignments are typically driven by a need to revitalise local economies, foster diversification, underpin industrial closure plans, coordinate stakeholder investments, or prioritise public initiatives. Planning is only the first step though, and Ergo works side-by-side with clients through to implementation. These tend to be multistakeholder processes to convene regional players and facilitate partnerships and strategic alliances.

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