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Multiple practice areas characterised by a common approach: evidence-based, impact-focused, and forward-facing.

Strategic communications

You have a story to tell

The history of natural resource industries is swamped with examples of investments hindered by negative local perceptions. While negative perception can stem from poor on-the-ground performance, too frequently it has been instead the result of poorly conceived or delivered communications. To their detriment, investors often find out that local interpretations can misconstrue what they had assumed to be undisputable reality on-site.

Project success requires mature relationships with stakeholders. At the core of most relationship problems lies the inability to communicate effectively. On one hand, it is about availability and relevance of information. However, mature relationships are also based on mutual understanding, involving not only talking but also listening.

Overcoming cultural divergence, conflicting interests,
and misaligned expectations.

Ergo delivers content-driven strategic communications, bringing together clarity of message and technical rigour. But simply talking about your project is not enough. Our work builds compelling narratives that link project requirements and stakeholders’ expectations to address points of tension. We produce communications in multiple forms – from glossy reports, to posters, infographics, videos, or podcasts.

Ergo has built unparalleled expertise in stakeholder consultation. We count among our strength our ability to run and process in-depth interviews and focus groups, and we conduct extensive perception surveys to do statistical analysis of opinions. As part of this work, we offer a content engine function building on our analytical capability to generate communicable material, tailored to specific needs.

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